• AAALTAROSA has the Ecuador exclusive for growing Corazón.
  •  Ecuador´s climate produces superior bloom size and overall quality.
  •  BEST IN CLASS and BLUE RIBBON winner at 2010 SAF Outstanding
      Varieties Competition.
  • Bright Red, lighter than Freedom and Forever Young, similar in color to
      Charlotte - the perfect RED!.
  • Much larger blooms and consistent throughout each bunch, average
      bloom size is 2.2 plus inches even on 40/45 cm grade!.
  • Blooms OEN FULLY and lay flat to almost 5 inches across, takes up to
      4-5 days to fully open.
  • Blooms all open consistently and simultaneously - sure to please every
  • Petals re-curl at margin for classic look
  • .
  • Produces all stem lenghts to meet all price ranges.
  • Strong, straight stems. Lush, dark green foliage. Very few thorns. Perfect
      for masterful designing.
  • Holds shape and color well into 10-12 days - extremely great vase life.
  • Super strong neck that doesn´t bend.
  • Production is just beginning, this variety will be limited for at least 2 years - limited production helps maintain consistent market for Corazon.